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A non-exclusive focus on minors

From the beginning, our primary focus has been the prevention of and intervention in child sex trafficking. That focus remains today. But as we have gained experience and connections in the anti-trafficking community, we have occasionally encountered individuals over the age of 18 who are also in desperate need of help. We also meet many survivors at 16 or 17 who become legal adults while still in the process of recovery. How do we deal with this pesky technicality?

Our policy is simple: “Do the next right thing”.

This policy isn’t something we’ve created from thin air. In studying the life and ministry of Jesus, we find it fascinating that while He might be traveling to a certain place for a certain purpose, He would often pause along the way to meet a need that was not on His itinerary.

From this example, we are encouraged to also pause along the way to meet the needs of those in our path as we are able. Sometimes that involves direct assistance, and sometimes we refer someone to an organization with resources specific to their situation.

But always, we pause.

Always, we recognize the person standing before us whom Jesus died to save.

And always, we offer whatever resources we have at our disposal to ensure they know they are loved. They are seen. They are important. They are valuable. And their loving Father desires a restored relationship with them.

In the midst of our busy lives and demanding schedules, a pause is always the next right thing.

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