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How does my support help?

Your donation makes it possible for us to...

  • Locate and rescue children from sexual exploitation. 

  • Provide and coordinate safe homes where those children can begin their recovery.

  • Enroll survivors in school and vocational programs as they work toward independence.

  • Pay salaries for our amazing (and critical) staff members.

  • Buy food, clothing, and school supplies for the children in our care.

  • Protect the vulnerable through trafficking safety classes.

  • Teach professionals in law enforcement, healthcare, hospitality, and education how to spot warning signs of exploitation and seek help for those affected or at risk.

  • Mentor at-risk youth in extremely high-risk situations, including those in the juvenile justice system.

  • Continue development of our "Threefold Approach" in new U.S. cities and abroad!

Thanks to your support, we are able to protect and restore children across the globe, from Thailand to North Carolina to Indiana today, and wherever God leads us tomorrow!

Direct where your support is used!

In addition to our General Fund, which covers all of our global outreach operations, you may also choose to support a specific area.

Phoenix Alliance General Fund

This fund is used for all of our program activities in the USA and Thailand. A small portion is used to cover administrative costs, while the bulk of this fund is made available for rescue, aftercare, shelter homes, scholarships and other various needs of those in our care.

The Wheeler Family

This fund supports our founding family and helps them maintain their focus on the ministry. Despite working full-time, the Wheelers have never drawn a salary or any compensation from the General Fund. Your support here means less time needed for side work and more time available for ministry.

Gunya's Ministry Fund

This fund is used to support an amazing young survivor who has committed to full-time ministry in the hill tribe villages of Thailand. Your donation here covers her living expenses and outreach supplies as she completes her training and transitions to a lifetime of reaching at-risk kids and families in some of the most unreached villages on earth.

Follow the donation link above and select your preferred fund from the drop-down menu!

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