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The Phoenix Alliance was founded by Ethan and Kimberly Wheeler after spending three years living and working in anti-trafficking in northern Thailand. They saw a need for more in-depth aftercare and discipleship for trafficking survivors, in order to help rescued kids remain safe from exploitation as they transitioned to adulthood.


The Wheelers also believed that the best care for Thai kids would come from experienced, qualified Thais who had a heart for making a difference in their home country. Likewise, as American citizens they felt called to return to the States to fight trafficking in their own back yard.


It was a huge vision and they knew it was impossible to do alone. Working in two countries simultaneously would require an outstanding team of global freedom fighters. They needed to build an Alliance.

The first Alliance was born in January of 2018 through a partnership between the Wheelers and Mari Thomas, an amazing Thai woman who had a lifetime of ministry experience and several years working with child trafficking survivors. Mari has a true mother's heart and cares deeply for each of the girls in her care. Through The Phoenix Alliance, our team provides funding, oversight, vision planning, rescue, trauma counseling, vocational guidance, educational advancement, family counseling, and village trafficking prevention.


Each part of the Alliance plays a pivotal role in the success of the team. Together we create highly effective projects with solid financial integrity and operational accountability. Our overseas partners work within the limits of policy and a common ministry focus, but with a great deal of freedom to implement culturally effective strategies in daily operations.

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