Child sex trafficking exists, to varying degrees, in nearly every place on earth. Each country, community, and culture has a unique set of challenges and causes. Understanding those factors helps The Phoenix Alliance develop strategies for impacting the lives of those caught in the crosshairs of this global epidemic.

At the center of our passion is the belief that true rescue comes only from a restored relationship with God through a personal surrender to follow Jesus. Without that, all our efforts are purely humanitarian, and therefore temporary. While we spare no opportunity to share our faith, we never try to force or manipulate anyone into a relationship with Christ. For their faith to be real, it must be their own.

The Alliance is bigger than our staff, volunteers and supporters. We combine forces with other like-minded organizations, law enforcement, government child protection agencies and others who share our passion for helping kids get out and stay out of sexually exploitive situations through:


This includes includes investigation and identification of underage sexual exploitation and the offer of immediate escape.


After the needs of the girls are assessed, appropriate aftercare services are provided, ideally in
co-ordinaton with the child's family. Once in our care, the girls are encouraged to pursue counselling, and  opportunities including vocational training, public education, and informal learning through mentorship. We then support their transition into society through on-going guidance.

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